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Joel Woodard

As an interior designer with feet in both urbane Manhattan and rural New Jersey, I wanted to write a blog about how both the rustic and the chic can live happily together.

Rustic Chic’s mission is to examine and report on those aspects of life – from interior design and fashion to food and music – that are a little less “slick”, but nevertheless as stylish as their city cousins.  Urbanity is not the sole possessor of chic.  Chic is not the sole provenance of urbanity.  “Chic” and “rustic” are not mutually exclusive.  Sounding high-tone?  I promise this will be the only lecture.

RC to me doesn’t mean “country” in the usual sense of the word or what most likely springs to mind at first mention, but its roots are firmly planted there.  (I actually prefer the term “pastoral” to “country”, but maybe that’s just semantics.)

On this blog, RC won’t show or discuss cliched images that conjure thoughts of “Green Acres”, “Andy Griffith”, “The Beverly Hillbillies” or other stereotypes.  So don’t look here for monster trucks or ‘gator wrestling.

My portrayal of RC will have an updated, modern slant with a young, traditional, simple and classically American vibe.  My RC will sometimes be dressed up, even formal at times (as when I look at some European influences), but it will always be honest, simple, strong, graphic and hard-working.

If you dig this kind of thing, are filled with inspiration and see limitless possibilities when you encounter almost-forgotten architectural gems or other things like this, then you’ll probably like the majority of posts I will publish here.

But as I mentioned earlier, we’re going to look at a lot of different things that I will call “rustic chic”.  Some may even be downright modern, but we’ll see how it holds together in context.  Sometimes I may even make a post that could be a far reach to call it “rustic chic” in any stretch of the imagination, but that will be part of the fun.

Thanks for visiting Rustic Chic.  I hope you will enjoy exploring things with me from a slightly different perspective.  Please subscribe to the blog and leave feedback.  I’d love to hear from you all.

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13 responses to “About

  1. Hillary Hassell Folsom

    I read of your success in the Anniston Star and just wanted to say Congrats! Your descriptions of even the simplest of things, the wreath on the barn, are beautiful. Congrats again on living your dream!

  2. Lynne

    Such a treat meeting you as I sojourned through Tewksbury today. I’ve enjoyed extending my country drive towards home via your RC blog…the visual poetry is a comforting treat. Thank you.

  3. I noticed that you do not have a follower link on your blog? did I miss it?

    Art by Karena

    • Hi. There should be an RSS feed that allows you to follow. But what most of my followers do is do a shortcut on their desktop, then they can just click on it and the post comes up with the latest and the photos. RSS feed is a little lacking in romance. WordPress doesn’t do the email subscription like blogspot does, as far as I can tell. Many thanks. Joel

  4. GREAT BLOG! You are one of the best writers I’ve seen in a long long time. I hope you keep writing because people like you inspire me!

  5. Really nice to find your blog. It’s always welcoming to find a blog about design and style that doesn’t cater solely to the feminine point of view. I think guys who blog about design, fashion, decor and lifestyle are far out numbered in the blogoshere. Look foward to reading more. Thanks…


  6. dianne betts

    Beautiful photos and website. Do you remember making all your teachers necklaces when you were in Jr. High School? I still wear my “designer necklace”. Congratulations Joel!
    Mrs. Betts

    • Hi Dianne (I think enough years have passed that I can call you by your first name!). I do remember making those! I’m laughing hysterically! How wonderful to hear from you! I do hope all is well. Hope to see you one day on my next visit home. Thanks so much for sending your message!! Joel

  7. Alexandre Lousada

    I love the concept of your blog and your perspective of nature and design! It’s an inspirational theme to explore and I’m looking forward to see more of your posts! regards from ex-Prussia

  8. bridget

    I’d like to subscribe to your blog.
    Looks great !

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