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Tag It!

I had been wanting a tassel for the key of this painted chest for quite a while but just couldn’t find anything that was not trite.  But over the weekend, while in a small junk store, I came across this ogee-shaped, galvanized tag on a jute string.  I was instantly charmed by its unexpectedness and rather formal shape while being executed in such a humble material.  The $1.50 price also helped seal the deal.


Photos by Joel Woodard


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Black and White – a Rustic Chic Study in Contrast

Black and white is a perennial favorite in interior design that comes and goes in fashion.  As a color scheme, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  But the tension that exists between the two colors (actually, they’re not colors at all as white is the presence of all colors in the color spectrum and black is the absence of all colors) can produce a dynamic crispness and a most rustic chic effect, especially when modern and traditional elements are melded. 

In the photo above, three-foot-square ebonized mirrors from the 1960s (I stacked one mirror on top of the other and why not?) are paired with whitewashed side chairs from the 1940s.  The effect is bold and brings the brashness of the great American decorator, Dorothy Draper, to mind.  Here’s a rustic chic study in contrast.

Classic, timeless and most rustic chic

All photos by Joel Woodard


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