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Tag It!

I had been wanting a tassel for the key of this painted chest for quite a while but just couldn’t find anything that was not trite.  But over the weekend, while in a small junk store, I came across this ogee-shaped, galvanized tag on a jute string.  I was instantly charmed by its unexpectedness and rather formal shape while being executed in such a humble material.  The $1.50 price also helped seal the deal.


Photos by Joel Woodard


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Rustic Chic Furnishings from George Smith

I’ve always  been a fan of the beautiful furniture by George Smith, the venerable English home furnishings company.  I love the way their classic styles can blend into any interior, be it traditional, modern or somewhere in between.  Clean-lined and simple, George Smith’s offerings are available in your own fabrics or from lines which they carry. 

I am fortunate to have two Smith sofas from the Sixties in the barn, shown in the top photo, and we upholstered them in simple, unbleached, hard-wearing painter’s canvas.  It’s rustic, it’s chic, it’s George Smith.  Be sure to check out their on-line catalog at www.georgesmith.com.

Top photo by John Bessler for Traditional Home.  Other photos from www.georgesmith.com

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The Rustic Chicness of Old Paint

I have always loved old paint.  Whether it’s on furniture (a particular weakness) or other things, I have always been fascinated by the patina and character which time and use can impart.  I’m not big on faux distressed painted surfaces as that seems like hurrying time along to quickly.  But nature and man can sometimes imbue objects with some incredibly soft effects as this assortment of photos I have snapped over time and in my travels will show. To me, there are fewer things more Rustic Chic than old paint.

Photos by Joel Woodard

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