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Rustic Chic “Heaven”

As Ellen Berent in "Leave Her to Heaven", Gene Tierney lazily lolls in a canoe and plots her next bit of mayhem.

“Of all the deadly sins, jealousy is the most deadly,” so says a character in the opening scene from the most rustic chic movie ever filmed, “Leave Her to Heaven”.  If you’re a fan of the R and C, you’ve no doubt seen this 1946 Technicolor drama and are beyond jealous of the beautifully rustic and sophisticated interiors (not to mention the impossibly beautiful people who portray the main characters).

A brief synopsis – Gene Tierney is cast as a gorgeous but incredibly unstable woman who marries a successful novelist, played by Cornel Wilde.  Tierney’s character, Ellen Berent, is an all-consuming and unfeeling person who wants to spend all of her time with her new husband but finds it impossible to do so with his work schedule and the constant interruption of friends and family.  Someone (or a few of them) has got to go. 

The scenes are set in various parts of the country, from New Mexico to Warm Springs, Georgia to Maine.  Oversized and darkly moody sets create environments of warm but false coziness.  What has or is about to happen?

I won’t give it away for you just in case you haven’t seen it.  Suffice it to say you’ll be entranced by the performances and the rustic chic interiors.  Here are some pics from the film.

Barbed Wire Beauty


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