The Meadow

“Sinking knee-keep into awe,

In this luminous field, I heard

Manifesto of a bird

Publishing this meadow’s law.

All the flowers, I could see

By a sense more keen than sight

In his field’s unearthly light, —

Flowers mangered mystery!

Every rock was pasture to

Beauty that the meadow knew.

Vines upon their journey high —

On their pilgrimage to sky —

Vine and branch and bud and I,

Rose and weed and bough and blade,

Rock, sweet anchorange to shade,

Twig and petal, brook and feather,

Leaf and pebble, bush and pond,

Link by link in network vast,

All were interbraided fast;

All were ligatured together

In all universal bond!–

Each was but a separate name;

Each apparelled but the same

Quenchless and informing flame!”

Photos by Joel Woodard; Poem by Louis Ginsberg


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4 responses to “The Meadow

  1. Karen Moran

    As soon as I think I can’t be moved as much as the last time, I am moved again…..and tonight I am moved beyond words……KM

  2. this is an inspiring image.
    love it.

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