A Checkered Present

While some may have a checkered past (maybe myself included), I am also experiencing a checkered present.  While finally getting around to sorting my closet and arranging my summer clothes, I realized how many checked shirts I have accumulated during the past couple of years.  I have always loved the graphic simplicity that they offer.  I guess it appeals to my overall design aesthetic in general – clean, simple but graphic.

I took a few minutes to ombre my shirts, from small to large checks and by color.  While that might seem excessive, it does help move a bit quicker in the morning.  When I finished I took a look at the rainbow effect.  It made me smile and want to go on a picnic.

Photos by Joel Woodard

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One response to “A Checkered Present

  1. Cathy

    Always loved the windowpane check shirts. So crisp.

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