Periphery (All the Lumps of Sugar in the World . . . )

What force compelled me to take a different route home this morning after running an errand?  To go this way never occurred to me before.  No reason to go take that way home.  A grey, cloudy sky and flash of white in a pasture caught from my periphery.  Was I really seeing this?  Powerful, glittering, yes . . . but alas, a figment.  A statue in a field.  All the lumps of sugar in the world could not bring him closer.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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One response to “Periphery (All the Lumps of Sugar in the World . . . )

  1. Cathy

    My mother used to have a saying when she saw a white horse. I never learned it, but it ended with her licking her thumb and slapping it on her palm. She’s gone now (I miss her every day) and I wish I had taken the time to learn the saying. Lesson learned too late. Thanks for stirring this particular memory of her for me.

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