Loveliness to Sell

“Life has loveliness to sell

all beautiful and splendid things,

blue waves whitened on a cliff,

soaring fire that sways and swings,

and children’s faces looking up,

holding wonder like a cup.”

Sara Teasdale

Photo by Joel Woodard


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3 responses to “Loveliness to Sell

  1. Sara, the image on this one is divine…

    elegant words.

  2. I have read many poems, and memorized some, by Sara Tesdale. My brother-in-law ended his life in the same manner as she did. And to this very second, I can’t imagine those events. Her words were often as soft as a windy day, and yet some were black as a field raven. I will make a habit of reading your pages, as you have a poets understanding of language…thank you for telling me about this.

    • Thank you Jean for the insight into Sara Teasdale. I must admit I was not familiar with her but your comments added a richness to this post for me. I’m so glad you like my blog. Best, J

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