Hats Off!

One of my favorite things to search for whenever I go into antiques shop is old family photographs.  On those times I am fortunate to find some of these photos, they are usually just stacked haphazardly in a shoebox or presented in some other less than flattering fashion.  The subjects too are not generally very exciting. 

But I try to look through the offerings with an open mind, remembering that these images were once part of a family’s history, a record of lives captured for just a moment in time.  And every once in a while I do stumble across a charming photo that really speaks to me — where the pose and the subject are more fluid, more organic than the usual staged still. 

Such was the case of this photo shown here – a country girl wearing a plaid blouse and holding her wide brim straw hat.  Not really wearing a smile, she cocks her head to one side as her 1940’s-styled hair cascades to her shoulders.  She props her arms atop a rickety fence while the sun washes across half of her face.

Whenever I see something like this –  that’s so out of the norm yet still so simple and charming, where the thoughts of the sitter are not so clear –  I always wonder what the person’s life was like.  Was this experience a novelty for her?  A kick or an annoyance because there’s still farm chores to do?  But always, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.  It’s just Rustic Chic.

Photo of the photo by Joel Woodard  ; )



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2 responses to “Hats Off!

  1. Jerry Barnard


    We share the same interest in old photographs. As an amateur genealogist, I especially look for photos that have names and dates when I go back home to South GA. Then using my data base and access to online resources, I try to track down the living family, if I can. Often I will return the photo to them, much to their pleasure.

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