A Rustic Chic Dessert Party

I feel like the groundhog in my back hayfield who has just woken from a seemingly unending winter’s hibernation.  Groggy, hungry and in need of company, he wanders to the two other groundhog’s burrows in the field to see if they are up.  So far his neighbors are not yet receiving.  I, like my furry friend, felt that yesterday was the first real spring-like day of the season.  And although there was still the slightest chill in the air, it was comfortable enough to open some of the windows and let in a bit of fresh.  A call to a couple of friends to see if they could be tempted for a little dessert later that evening resulted in an impromptu dessert party with mixed berries, tea cakes, coffee and an explosion of white tulips.  Now whether or not you agree having four for coffee and berries at the last minute constitutes a party, well, at least I’m doing better than the groundhog.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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