Dearest Barn Swallows . . . Must I Beg?

According to the weather gurus, it’s supposed to be a 70 degree teaser today.  But last Friday morning there was a pretty intense snowfall for a while and from where I was sitting I could see the small red cowshed and how the upper hatch was closed.  My thoughts turned to my beloved barn swallows and how I look very much forward to seeing them divebomb the hayfields and swirl around you, especially when the hay has just been cut in the summer.  I also thought that so far I have seen the bluebirds, crows and robins but no barn swallows even though they have nests in the cowshed.  So I went out and propped open the upper hatch and sent out a little prayer: “Dearest barn swallows. . . must I beg?”

Photos by Joel Woodard


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