Can You Hear Her?

She’s grey now and a bit tired.  But she still proudly wears her dignity even though she has weathered many a bitter season.  She has been brutally stripped of her jewelry but you can still see the bones that at one time made her a tall, regal beauty.  She will tell you her story but you can just as easily read between unspoken lines.  Can you  hear her?   How I would love to hear that story, maybe even become a part of it, maybe even help to write a happy ending. 

Photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Can You Hear Her?

  1. Tom

    What a great house. But she seems so lonely, so forgotten. Used up and tossed away like so much today.Will she regain her beauty and place of honor? Will she again be filled with life and laughter? One can only hope. – Tom Hlas

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