Going Green

It’s been said that choosing green for the exterior of a home can be one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner can make.  Perhaps that is why we see so few green houses.  And maybe it’s because there’s already so much green in nature that to paint a house a shade thereof can be fraught with danger – to light and it looks sickly, too much yellow and green becomes bilious as well.  But I think the owner of this home got it right here.  I have always been enchanted by this home’s nod to the Federal style with its tidiness and quiet dignity, even though it is a small house.  The exterior color has just enough yellow in it to make it look at once slightly period appropriate, but also a bit gutsy and sophisticated without trying too hard.  The trim is picked out in a creamy yellow and the front door is a blackened red.  All around, it charmed my socks off.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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4 responses to “Going Green

  1. What a great house. The federal detail is fantastic. I’m not a fan of that shade of green, but for some reason it works.


    • Thanks AJB! I thought it was a most charming house. Yes, I probably would have painted it white myself, but I like that it was gutsy without being vulgar. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your commenting! Best, J

  2. A dear friend of mine introduced me to your blog. I love your clean, spare aesthetic and your turn of the phrase. This house is a gem and shows just how enduringly fresh Federal architecture can be.

    I started writing a design blog just over a month ago. I hope you will check it out — http://www.designredux.com.

    Keep up the inspiration!

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