Riotous Styling for 2 ($ that is. . . .)

Many people equate style with money.  In actuality they have little to do with each other.  All it takes to have style, which everyone defines for himself, is an open mind and a searching eye.  Also the quest for style is not a faucet you just turn on and off like a water spigot.  It’s always on your mind.  “What could I do with this?” is constantly in your head. 

The farmstands are beginning to have the first blooms of spring and while I was driving past one yesterday afternoon I stopped to take a peak at a flatbed trailer full of blowsy pansies.  I stood there just letting my eyes, starving for an infusion of voluptuous color, soak in the deep purples, whites and yellows before me.  But it was the single deep red, lone pansy that stood out in this flat.  While every single flower there was beautiful it was the red that popped.  It was different, not just in color, but in size as well.  The red one was not vulgar, however; it was just showing some style. 

Two bucks later I had purchased the four-pack of pansies that housed the red one. 

Photos by Joel Woodard


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