“Open . . . Open . . . Open . . .”

A sunny Saturday afternoon antiquing jaunt led me across this cache of rusty locks and their keys.  I found them to be a very romantic subject but pretty much in a state of disarray – spread hither and thither across the shopkeeper’s table in a dimly lit warehouse.  Armed only with my Blackberry camera and a single shaft of light emanating from a grimy window, I quickly sorted them into, what was to me at least, a more pleasing arrangement. 

But this post isn’t about antique locks and their keys or photography and lighting.  Not really.  The true meaning is for you, dear reader, to interpret for yourself.

Photo by Joel Woodard


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4 responses to ““Open . . . Open . . . Open . . .”

  1. Charles R. Mills

    This is wonderful, actually Beautiful. At first, I thought it to be an old Dutch painting of the mid 17th century. The textures, colors and composition are amazing.

  2. Did you buy them all? Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

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