We all get into ruts – same food, same television shows, same way of putting the socks on – and it’s easy to do so especially when the winter has been as brutual and unforgiving as this one.  I, like everyone else, take the same path to my studio/shop every day but earlier this week  I decided to take a little side road – to meander a little, dragging my feet I suppose. . . I stopped the Jeep to get out and really observe and listen to this stream trickling and pushing its way throught the icy obstacles.  The stream appeared cramped and narrow on the one side of the bridge.  How could it just keep going?  After a few minutes of just looking and listening to the bubbling and gurgling, I crossed to the other side to see a widened vista.  The stream slowly and steadily stays its course and as it headed to the nearby Raritan River, its pace and power increased – unstoppable.



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4 responses to “Unstoppable

  1. Such a beautiful vista. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

  2. What a Beautiful site.
    And Author Has A Beautiful Soul.
    Joseph Donato Santoro.3/13/11

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