A Rustic Chic Winter Luncheon for One

When you’re a visual person virtually everything you do is a photo op.  It can get annoying, fast.  But those of you in the visual arts know exactly what I’m talking about.  During the past couple of weeks, with the weather being so uncertain, I’ve been bringing some work home from my studio/shop in anticipation of not being able to navigate the roads successfully.  And so this morning, even though it be bright and beautiful, I decided to work from the barn.  My usual lunch time consists of brown-bagging a sandwich and iced tea but today I thought, why not do something a little more Rustic Chic, even elegant?  So I broke out the china, an antique glazed napkin and gaudy silver (for which I have a tremendous weakness) and uncorked a bottle of white wine for a snort.  A simple baby lettuces salad topped with toasted walnuts and some cold, leftover flank steak hit just the right note and spot for a Rustic Chic winter luncheon for one.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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3 responses to “A Rustic Chic Winter Luncheon for One

  1. Good for you — I do this kind of thing. People usually wonder if I might be a little nuts, but I don’t care. It’s the small moments that matter most I think.

  2. Tom

    Color me jealous. Beautiful photos. Great you’re taking time out for yourself and continually surrounding yourself with beauty. – Tom Hlas

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