The national collective cry over the weather has reached a fevered pitch.  Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it except congratulate the weather forecasters for calling it correctly this year.  The only other thing we can also do is shovel out, retreat by the fireside and grin and bear it for another six weeks or so. 

Last week, while I was barnbound and feeling the onset of cabin fever, I ventured out to shovel from the barn to the driveway.  When I stepped outside to grab my shovel I spied a deer bounding across the fields toward me.  I ran back inside for my trusty point-n-shoot camera hoping I could take a snap.  Little did I know that buck here was leading a team that was close on his antlers.  I was so amazed to see this group bounding and leaping so gracefully in the deep snow.  It made me have a deeper appreciation for this season – realizing it brings a beauty and elegance that no other season offers.




Photos by Joel Woodard


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2 responses to “Snowbounding!

  1. Robert

    Beautiful , the pictures of the deer running across the field. The snow covered trees. Just a lovely view.
    I love looking at winter scenery and your pictures are amazing. Thank You for posting them.

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