Leather and Lace(s)

Ya know, it’s a real buzz kill when you’re lacing up your boots to go out and shovel the thigh-high snow and the bootlaces break. This is what happened to me yesterday morning.  The original leather laces just snapped.  I was not surprised since leather will dry out and break, but this kind of thing always seems to happen at the most inopportune time. 

So I sighed and jury-rigged the broken lace to get me through the chore at hand.  After I had finished shoveling, I headed out for Saturday morning errands which included a trip to the grocery store.  My first thought was to replace the leather laces with the same but then I spied these cool red ones and thought, why not add a little spark to the footwear?  In the dreary winter days of winter while I may always be looking toward the skies for the light, now when I look down I have another reason to smile.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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4 responses to “Leather and Lace(s)

  1. Hehehe, red laces ate just what is need to make a snow shoving chore a bit less of a drudgery..

  2. I find wearing red in the winter gives you a sense of warmth.

  3. Tom

    Love the red laces. Think I need to get me some!

  4. I agree with the 1st comment 🙂 lovely greetings

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