When the Day Brings Snow, Let the Night Bring Fire

Like a lot of people, I awoke yesterday morning to another heavy blanket of snow.   After the snowplow guy arrived to do his thing (yet again) to the driveway (man, he’s cleaning up in the cash department this season!), I had to get outside myself and do a bit of shoveling.  On the bright side the snow thus far has been light and powdery, not heavy and wet.  Winter is, to me at least, one of the most beautiful seasons but when the reality kicks in of having to deal with it, that’s something else.

In any event, wet boots and socks are just not a lot of fun and so around 5 pm I decided to light up the Rumford, have a B&B gently warmed by the fire’s glow, do a bit of drawing and dry out the footwear.  Alone with my thoughts of the clothes that hang in my head (and which I never seem to be able to find), my sketch pad and pens, a warm snifter of B&B and some schmaltzy music playing low, I spent a few hours in the land of Rustic Chic.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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