Thoughts on Blogging Rustic Chic

Today I received a wonderful comment about Rustic Chic that so moved me I had to share it. . . the message was in broken English but I am hopeful that I understand the writer’s intentions correctly.

The writer penned “I recently became aware of your blog posts and desired to say which I have definitely cherished studying your website content articles.  In any manner soon we will be opting-in to give the food to and I also we imagine you write-up again eventually.”

This is the type of response every blogger with a point of view wants to receive.  That someone “gets” and truly appreciates your message.

I have been writing Rustic Chic for a little over a year now and if you ask any blogger whose posts you follow regularly “what is your biggest challenge in writing your blog?”  you will likely get the response “fresh content”.  When I made the decision to write this blog I made a promise to myself that is was a lifestyle point of view and not a succession of flagrant product pitches.  And although I do my share of product pitches that fit the vibe of Rustic Chic, I am selective and discriminating (or so I believe) in what I post.

So hold on dear respondent.  Your words have touched me deeply – right to the root of my Rustic Chic heart.  I appreciate your words more than I can express!  Many thanks.  Joel


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2 responses to “Thoughts on Blogging Rustic Chic

  1. Cheryl MacLauchlan

    You are definately selective and discriminating ! You enhance my life with your intellect, wit,and photos of design…not to mention the posts and the gowns…another word for drool please!

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