Hats Off to Satya Twena!

As you know, here at Rustic Chic we have a particular point of view and “country” it necessarily ain’t.  As a case in point, take a gander at this uber-chic pillbox hat with hot pink “chicken wire” veiling by Satya Twena.  It’s sophisticated and urbane but Rustic Chic to boot.

Satya Twena (www.satyatwena.com) is an interior designer turned milliner, having previously worked with Studio Sofield in New York before launching her eponymous line of chapeaux in 2010.

According to Satya’s website “the Satya Twena collection is the product of the eclectic non-traditional background combined with the classic training of its designer, Satya Twena. Highly influenced by her childhood in an artistic family, experiences as an interior designer and an insatiable curiosity to learn, the collection is elegantly complex with a focus on construction, proportion and experimentation with high quality materials. Each hat is made in New York by hand utilizing vintage blocks and free-hand forming techniques to create wearable art.”

Satya Twena is open by appointment only and can be reached at 917 969 3935 or at studio@satyatwena.com.

Photos from www.satyatwena.com.



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2 responses to “Hats Off to Satya Twena!

  1. Oh I love your blog…would have named my own “Rustic Chic” if it wasn’t already taken! 🙂 And I had to tell you, I went to high school with Satya! How talented is she? Amazing! Glad to have found your blog! Cheers!

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