Magnified Rustic Chic

I love interesting magnifying glasses – such practical items for the desk, on a stack of books or for doing close-up reading such as I do for floor plans.  The favorite in my collection is the silver-handled bamboo one shown below but the one I use most often is the one with the double-looped rope handle.  They make great gifts for anyone taking a closer, more magnified look at Rustic Chic!

My favorite is this silver one with its bamboo handle


Photos by Joel Woodard



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4 responses to “Magnified Rustic Chic

  1. Jennifer

    fun in multiples great ideas – thanks! jennsthreegraces

  2. I absolutely love the double rope handle one. It’s funny, I too love magnifying glasses and often find use for one but I don’t even own one…actually I guess it’s more sad rather than funny.

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