Hand in Glove

They say the first step toward fixing a personal problem is to admit you have one.  I recently discovered that I have one – gloves.  Of the dozen plus pair I own, how could I have not been able to find just the right ones on a recent chilly morning.  So I got tough with myself and sorted them and was shocked to find out how many I own.  On the other hand I find them to be feats of marvelous engineering.  If you own a pair that are sewn (not knitted), take a look at them and you’ll be amazed at the workmanship that goes into fabricating them.  Custom gloves can set you back thousands while inexpensive imports are readily obtained at just about any clothing store.  They’re the kinds of household items we usually don’t devote a great deal of time thinking about, but whether you choose knitted ones or those made from cloth or leather, don’t take these workhorses for granted. Gloves are not only stylish and practical, they’re most decidedly Rustic Chic.

Take a look at a modern-day glove pattern below from http://www. glove.org.  It’s mesmerizing in its intricacy.  The other photos are some of my personal favorites from my collection. 

Photos by Joel Woodard



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3 responses to “Hand in Glove

  1. Jack Caddell

    Love the gloves, and I am REALLY envious of two of the scarves! (The paisley ones. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This makes me want the cold. You should be a clothing stylist….all combinations are beautiful!

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