“Colors of the Oasis” – a Rustic Chic Exhibition of Ikats

A recent weekend trip to The Textile Museum in Washington, DC to view the ikat exhibition entitled, “Colors of the Oasis – Central Asian Ikats” was a visual treat for the eye.  For anyone interested in fabrics and colors a trip to this little jewel box of a museum is a must.

Nineteenth-century Central Asian ikats are known for being bold and brash with electrifying colors and patterns.  The process of weaving ikats is multi-stepped and complicated where bundled warms, and sometimes the wefts, are bound and dyed several times before being woven into their trademark eye-popping patterns. 

Ikats have been in fashion for interior design for some time now and show no signs of slowing down.  Do yourself a favor and make the trip.  The exhibit runs from October 16 through March 31, 2011.

The Textile Museum is located at 2320 S Street, Washington, DC 20008 (www.textilemuseum.org).

Photos from “Colors of the Oasis – Central Asian Ikats” by Sumru Belger Krody.  This is the companion text to the exhibit.


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