A Rustic Chic Autumnal Supper for Two

Let’s face it.  No one wants to cook on a Monday night.  That’s why it’s a good idea to whip up some grub over the weekend that can be warmed quickly and on the table in a hurry.  Soup, a loaf of crusty bread and a little wine are the ticket on a chilly autumn night.  And just because it’s a Monday night, it doesn’t mean you can’t set an inviting table as I did here with a selection of gourds from the farmer’s market.  While the selection there ran the gamut of oranges, yellows and deep greens, my eye was attracted to all the varieties of pale beiges and whites.  Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Photos by Joel Woodard



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4 responses to “A Rustic Chic Autumnal Supper for Two

  1. Beautiful Joel! Cream is so much more inspiring than pumpkin orange! Shiree’

  2. Janis

    Love the table, Joel.
    I would love to have some covered cassolettes.

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