Outside Inside

The Norway maples are just past their peak but are still offering up their showy, showery display, and will do so until the last vestige of their translucent gold floats to the ground.  On a clear day such as this, with a gentle breeze rustling the papery leaves, the gold seems brighter against the cerulean sky and it’s time to think about bringing some of the branches into the barn and to enjoy these fleeting moments as much as possible.  And so, armed with loppers and on the lookout for the shiniest leaves within reach, the maples generously consented to part with a few of their honey-coated limbs.  I plopped a few into a cast iron urn at the end of a hallway.  They are so bright, there’s no need to turn on the lights.  It’s always Rustic Chic to bring the outside inside.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Outside Inside

  1. Fabulous Images Joel!! I love this time of year in all of its glory!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hi, Im a subscriber of your site, which I love it has a very centered feeling and offers “visual comfort food.”
    My blogs a little different, agressive, funny, and uber informative. Check it and I’d love to be on your recommended sites.
    Im new at this but any advice would be appreciated too.

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