The Corner Bounty

Visit any nearby farmer’s market during this time of year and you’ll no doubt be greeted by a tsumani of color and texture.  Just observing the many varieties of seasonal and organic produce so beautifully displayed at my neighborhood farmer’s market (Fairmount Market & Nursery at 230 Old Turnpike Road at the crossroads of Routes 517 and 512 in Califon, NJ) is enough to make the mouth water and make you want to run home, light the fire and dig in.  What is it about the fall season that makes us think of nesting, of slowing down a bit?  Take a moment to visit your farmer’s market or get in the car and head out to discover one.  They’ll deliver a Rustic Chic feast for the eyes as well as the palette.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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5 responses to “The Corner Bounty

  1. Love the colors and fall inspiration. Everything still pretty green in Houston!

  2. Love the photos!
    I saved them in my computer.

  3. hunterDon County girL

    Thank you for taking such beautiful pics of my display work at the market. Although i have since left my position there, its nice to know (and see) someone else can appreciate the “perfection in placement”, that makes even a squash filled bushel basket with my hand written tag so photo worthy. Thank You Again, hunterDon County girL

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