Slow Down, It’s OK!

I was running late for the shop yesterday.  No excuse other than I was just enjoying the first really cool, crisp, and sunny fall morning.  And like everyone who’s a bit behind on getting along with the day’s business, I was getting concerned about being where I needed to be.  While heading down the narrow road to the shop, a pickup truck pulled out in front of me  – just far enough to further my annoyance.  The truck was going at a snail’s pace.  Why doesn’t he move it?  At least go the speed limit, ok?  As I approached the truck I saw something which appeared to be glowing in its bed.  Sunflowers!  Freshly cut and on their way to the farmer’s market in town.  While I couldn’t “stop and smell the roses,” I did slow down to enjoy the view.  My annoyance faded and I even followed the driver to his destination and asked him if I could snap these pictures.  So what if this added a few more minutes to my tardiness? Just goes to show – sometimes work will still be there if you’re a bit late.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Slow Down, It’s OK!

  1. I love sunflowers! I’d slow any day down to look at them 🙂

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