Many Thanks to New York Spaces For Going Rustic Chic!

I’ve just received my October issue of New York Spaces magazine!  I wanted to express all my appreciation and thanks to Jason Kontos, editor in chief, as well as executive editor, Marjorie Gage, for liking this show house room which I designed for Mansion in May earlier this year to benefit Morristown Memorial Hospital.  And many thanks as well to Peter Margonelli who brought the room to life with his beautiful photography. 

A forthcoming post, “Anatomy of a Rustic Chic Show House”, will show the before and after pictures of this small but charming guest bedroom that was on the second floor of Fawn Hill Farm, the site of the show house which ran during May of this year.

Fawn Hill Farm is set in the scenic farmland of Harding Township, New Jersey and with all the beautiful grounds of this estate viewable from every window, I wanted to create a young traditional room that was tailored, simple and graphic but which did not overwhelm or obscure the views.

So as the beginning point, I selected Schumacher’s recently issued “Pyne Hollyhock” cotton chintz fabric, originally used by Albert Hadley for a nearby client more than a half century ago.  In sophisticated and unexpected colors of creamy white, beige and grey, I felt this chintz was just the young traditional vibe I was after for this room and I used it for a pair of full-length curtain panels with crisp, tailored valances.  The tone of the room was further set by painting the walls a warm grey (Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore) with warm white trim (Floral White by Benjamin Moore).  But what I really loved with the curtain fabric and grey walls was the floor treatment. 

An area rug in this room would have meant either going postage stamp size or wall-to-wall – a snore and a bore.  So I chose an unexpected treatment here by painting the floor and I used the room’s white trim color in BM’s porch paint formulation.  I then overlaid that base color with a simple, double-bias plaid also in porch paint but in a beige pulled from the chintz.  The painted floor made the furnishings float and gave the small room a very airy feeling.  I felt that a minor guest bedroom in such a large home it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with full blown RC.  After all, isn’t that what we want show houses to be?  New ways of looking at space and color?

Many thanks Jason and Marjorie for digging the Rustic Chic vibe!

Photos by Peter Margonelli


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4 responses to “Many Thanks to New York Spaces For Going Rustic Chic!

  1. Beautiful! So well put together. I love the feminine touch of the Schumacher fabric on the windows in the otherwise very strong space. Such a great statement about your work for a showhouse. Painted floor was a great idea.

  2. The schumacher fabric is gorgeous as drapery. The entire space is beautiful too!

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