Rustic Chic Style – Etro Men’s Collection Fall 2010-2011

While in Manhattan yesterday, I had to take a minute and pop into the Berdorf Men’s store and check out all the clothes for fall.  Bergdorf’s, as you probably know, ain’t Daffy’s.  There’s only one Bergdorf Goodman in the world.  Well, make that two – the women’s store at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and the men’s store directly across the street.

In any event there’s something about fall clothes that are, to me at least, more interesting than those offerings for spring and summer.  Perhaps it’s the layering of color, pattern and texture that makes it so.  And as I scoured the BG men’s store yesterday I was drawn as usual to three collections:  Etro, Loro Piana and Bottega Veneta.  When these Italians do classic, they do it with the volume turned up and the effect, from these three houses at least,  is never “guido”. 

It seems that everyone this season is mad for plaid – from overcoats and sportcoats to ties and even socks, the scale is pumped up and the colors rich and deep. Discretion must naturally be employed lest one emerge looking like a used car salesman from the 70’s. 

The photos here are from the Etro men’s catalog ( and the oceans of plaid coupled with touches of luxe equestrian details are most Rustic Chic.  In the men’s store, BG displayed a wool jacket in an overscaled red and charcoal plaid with Etro’s trademark paisley in tones of ruby and mustard humorously employed as elbow patches.  I wish I had a photo, but in Bergdorf’s you don’t whip out the camera and start snapping.  So do yourself a favor and pop in for a Rustic Chic eyeful or check out Etro’s web site.

I love the landscape layout of Etro’s catalog when showing a single shot (above).  It makes a lot of sense to display the clothes in this manner.  The donkey is an added Rustic Chic touch, no?

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