Up On a Pedestal

Nothing adds instant glamour to a room than a perfectly placed pedestal or two.  Whether you choose one that’s tall and elegant, tapered, painted, square, round or somewhere in between, a well-chosen pedestal and what you place on top of it immediately leads the eye to it.  There’s nothing shy about pedestals and displaying your favorite items on them as they automatically command center stage and,  just like women wearing red, they’re not going to be ignored. 

Most of the photographs here show flowers in antique urns perched on a variety of pedestals.  But any beautiful object sitting atop an elegant pedestal (the scale of the object to the pedestal’s size is important here) can also be quite impressive, inviting your guests to draw closer and observe.  So just remember, to be Rustic Chic is to be up on a pedestal.

Two bottom photos by Peter Margonelli; Other photos by Joel Woodard

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