Just Under the Wire – a Rustic Chic Luncheon By the Pond

Summer’s sinking fast and the temperatures are beginning to moderate a bit, but there is still time for outdoor dining.  A couple of weeks ago, a great friend opened her beautiful home for a Rustic Chic breakfast and dinner and I had boldy suggested a luncheon to round out the season.  Yesterday was the day and we had the luncheon by her beautiful pond.

I brought over a small folding table and dressed it with a crisp and white cutwork drapery panel from India and paired it with grey painted Swedish chairs and simple white place settings.  The only color was a small bunch of pale pink roses in a simple glass vase.  The effect was somewhat etheral with all the light shimmering on the pond.  Cream of carrot soup and a light salad were served to make this an especially Rustic Chic luncheon by the pond.

Photos and styling by Joel Woodard



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4 responses to “Just Under the Wire – a Rustic Chic Luncheon By the Pond

  1. This is a beautiful table setting and is just right for a leisurely lunch in the country. I like the individual soup tureens, and the low-key colours.

  2. Nice set of shots! I like the next to last shot. great job.

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