Haven’t Seen a Doctor in Years. . .

September – cool weather breaks, crisp breezes, softening light, a blush to the leaves – they’re all playful teases for a sea change of season just around the bend. But to me one of the major harbingers of a change in season is the apples.  Melick’s, the orchard directly behind my shop, has acres and acres of pick-your-own by the sackful or the bushel.  Best of all, the multitudinous varieties, some best for eating and others for baking, are within arm’s reach – literally.  The limbs of the trees virtually groan under the weight of their delicious burden. 

But with visions of pies, tarts, butters and crisps in my head and with all that picking, baking and eating going on, it’s no wonder I haven’t seen a doctor in years!

Photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Haven’t Seen a Doctor in Years. . .

  1. absolutely beautiful…..
    thx for sharing……

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