No Flowers? No Problem!

If you don’t have time to make a run to the florist for your table or if their offerings are less than stellar, try some tree branches instead.  I love to run out to the Norway maples and lop off a few leafy stems and plop them into tall glass vases.  They last forever and best of all, you can use them year round. 

Summer’s verdant leaves are shown above and directly below.  In the fall, the maples turn vibrant, golden yellow.  Even in the winter when there are no leaves at all, the branches can have a beautiful silhouette. 

Bare birch tree limbs – delicate and beautifully russet colored don’t require water and add a lot of drama for very little money.

In the spring, what could be more Rustic Chic than the palest pink of apple blossoms plopped in a large glass cylinder?

Photos and styling by Joel Woodard

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