“Successful Farming” Magazine

You really do learn something new every day, if you’ve got an open mind.  And early this morning I discovered “Successful Farming” magazine, published by Meredith Corporation, the publisher of such wonderful titles as “Traditional Home”, “Better Homes and Gardens”, “Ladies Home Journal” and “Parents”, among others. 

A bit of online research revealed that “Successful Farming”, founded in 1902, was the first magazine published by Meredith  (www.meredith.com) and has a circulation of 440,000 with 1.2 million readers.  Meredith also owns and manages Agriculture Online (www.agriculture.com), a companion to “Successful Farming”.  While haven’t yet received my copy of “Successful Farming” (after all I just discovered it), Agriculture Online has some most interesting topics such as “Steer Your Deere”, “Tenacious Work Gear”, “Wind Energy on the Farm” and so forth.

It all makes for very interesting reading, even if you don’t have a big farm operation but rather call yourself a gentleman farmer, as I do.  Still with all the talk about tilling, recycling old tractors and raising livestock, it makes me want to take a copy on such a beautiful late summer day as this and . . . . go fishing! 

Have a good weekend.

Top photo from www.agriculture.com.  Bottom photo by Joel Woodard


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