This past weekend we got the opportunity to visit Pond Farm, a beautiful organic farm down the road from us that has been lovingly and painstakingly restored by its owners, Dan Ruhland and Laurence Craig.  Dan is a most talented interior designer ( and Larry is a fantastic caterer (  During the past two years the guys have taken their scenic property, complete with storybook farmhouse and enormous barn, to new heights via a major renovation and restoration.

We had seen the interior of the house a few years ago when it was on the market and had toured the barn during one of Tewksbury’s bi-annual barn tours, so we were somewhat familiar with the property.  But we were blown away when Dan and Larry invited us over last Sunday morning for a tour.  The house, barn and grounds are breathtaking in their design as well as function.  Indeed their master bath was featured in an issue of House Beautiful earlier this year and I understand their kitchen is slated to be a “Kitchen of the Month” in a future HB edition.  

In addition to the restoration of the house, barn and grounds, Dan and Larry have brought in a veritable Noah’s ark of exotic (and most pampered) animals.  From angora rabbits (Dan and Larry spin their own wool from them), goats, sheep and llamas to ducks, chickens and turkeys, Pond Farm is teeming with life and is a wonderful lesson in organic living.

On leaving Pond Farm, the guys presented us with a handsome carton of eggs.  One half of the carton is from their organic ducks and the other half  is from their organic chickens – all beautifully displayed and (about to be) delicious.  The shells are so amazing in their color, it’s almost a shame to crack them.  But I’m just going to have to force myself.  Pond Farm, Dan and Larry –  Rustic Chic at its best!!  And that’s always egg-cellent!

Photos by Joel Woodard


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2 responses to “Egg-cellent!!

  1. I love the packaging design (and the awesome stamp on the different type of eggs). Is there a striking difference between the taste of duck and chicken eggs?

    Roaming Word Press Land,

    • Thanks! The duck eggs to me are just a tad richer but both are delicious! I love the different eggs in one carton. The shells’ colors are soft and beautiful! Bright yellow yokes that puff up like a souffle – so unlike store bought eggs! Many thanks for reading! Joel

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