The Rustic Chic Style of James Galanos

I have always been a fan of James Galanos, one of the few designers who, in the 1950s, began designing and producing couture-quality gowns for his American clientele at a time when such clothes were available only from Paris.  Based in Southern California, Galanos began his career designing costumes for film but made a successful segue into his own firm when actress Rosalind Russell became a fan of his private collections.

So what’s rustic about Mr. G?  Obviously the chic could take care of itself.  But when I saw this photo of Galanos snapped in 1960 by Slim Aarons and which appears in the September issue of California Style magazine, I had my answer.  Shown here with the famous model/muse Dovima, Galanos sat for this shot in his Hollywood workshop.  His studio looks very much like a barn to me, no?

Photo by Slim Aarons

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