There’s Always Time for Rustic Chic

I have a thing for pocket watches, even though I don’t own one.  They harken back to another time and place; a place loaded with style.  I’ll always remember my granddad and his pocket watch.  It was with him whether he was slicked up to go to town or in his overalls going to the feed store.  The antique example shown above, by Hamilton, is my favorite.  Indeed Hamilton watches, be they for the wrist or the pocket, have always been my favorite.  Not huge or hugely expensive, Hamilton makes watches with a most decidedly American vibe.  The drawback to a pocket watch?  You can never discreetly check the time.  It’s always a production.  But then again, that’s a big part of what being Rustic Chic is all about.

Antique pocket watch by Brietling
Antique pocket watch by Audemars Piguet
Antique pocket watch with “Railroad Dial” by Hamilton

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