Keep on Truckin’

When I began writing Rustic Chic last year, I vowed that this blog would not be just one boring product pitch after another.  I wanted my point of view to be all about RC style on many different subjects – from fashion to food to interior design and on and on. 

And as some of you may know, I have a thing for antique trucks, probably even more so than antique cars as I believe this type of transportation really speaks to a Rustic Chic lifestyle.  That’s why I am compelled to write about this beauty which I recently came across at The Stable, Ltd., a classic automotive dealer in bucolic Gladstone, New Jersey ( 

While driving to the train station one day last week, I spied this handsome 1946 Chevy 1/2 Ton Stake Body Truck parked outside The Stable’s showroom.  I’m sure you could hear my own wheels screech loudly on sleepy Main Street as I slammed on the brakes for a closer inspection.  (I got so caught up in this that I missed the train.)

According to Stable’s website, the truck was purchased in 1999 and given the Cinderella treatment with an extensive modification/restoration.  This guy has a 350 cubic inch, V-8 engine that was installed with a 5-speed, floor-shift manual transmission, rack-and-pinion steering, front power disc brakes, modern alternator, complete new wiring harness, retractable seat belts, and turn signals, among other goodies. With its twin grill, crank-out split windshield (each side with its own wiper control!),  running boards and dark green over black paint scheme, the truck appears completely stock inside and out, but drives as a modern vehicle, according to The Stable’s web site. 

So whether you are in the market for an antique car or truck, or just enjoy looking at them, be sure to check out The Stable.  It’s a Rustic Chic way to keep on truckin’!

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2 responses to “Keep on Truckin’

  1. St Baker

    The truck really is wonderful! Look at all that beautiful chrome! I can just imagine riding on the front seat, in a classic black and white movie.

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