Rustic Chic Carpetbagging

Time to start planning those Rustic Chic getaways to soak up the cool, brisk breezes of fall and to observe the cornucopia of colors just waiting to unfurl themselves like a peacock’s fan.  And to help you plan for those excursions, why not take off in real style with one of these Rustic Chic weekender bags? 

Bally’s Kensil Leather Travel Bag
Bottega Veneta’s Ardegna Canvas Shopper
Ralph Lauren’s Cooper Travel Bag
J Crew’s Artisan’s Duffel Bag
Mulberry’s Small Clipper Duffel Bag

While I really like all of these, my favorite is the large plaid one shown below from Italian clothier, Etro (

Top design and illustration by Joel Woodard


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2 responses to “Rustic Chic Carpetbagging

  1. St Baker

    Mmmm! Love your illustrations best of all, Joel! Fab suit! Perfect picture!

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