I’ve Been Framed!

Everything doesn’t have to be a grand pronouncement, a sweeping gesture, a reinvention of the wheel.  Indeed most things shouldn’t be.  For this diminutive guest bedroom, the client wanted to outfit it simply and inexpensively.  And so what had originally been a walk-in closet became a cozy spot for weekend visitors.  The walls and an old side table were painted bright white, the floor was freshened up and a built-in bed was added by the window and dressed in simple white cottons.  But to me, what brought the room to life was the ornate gilded mirror frame that I hung to one side of the bed.  It’s an unexpected bit of glam in a nook.  Being framed in this instance was also Rustic Chic!

Photos by Joel Woodard



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4 responses to “I’ve Been Framed!

  1. That room is sooooo pretty. It’s just perfect!


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