Sometimes Life IS Just a Bowl of (Frozen) Cherries

Maybe it’s just me, but I find summer to be the most difficult season in which to entertain.  The bugs, the heat, the myriad of outdoor projects that never seem to get done any other time of the year, and on and on.  But it is fun to have people pop by just for dessert.  And that’s what we did last evening.  And there’s no need to crank up the Wolf either.  As the local sour cherries from the orchard were perfectly ripe around the Fourth of July, we made sure we picked tubfuls, pitted them immediately and froze them in gallon-size bags, ready for pies throughout the year or, as in this case, emptying copious amounts into a glass bowl and digging in.  A little squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar was all it took to have a Rustic Chic dessert party.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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