Sometimes You Have to Dream Outside Your World . . .

When I started Rustic Chic I mentioned in my first post that sometimes my RC would be a little dressy and sometimes it could be a stretch to see how a post could be deemed such.  Perhaps this week is one of those times.  Sometimes it helps to dream of other worlds, to let your imagination take you to places you’ve never been or haven’t visited in a long time – all in an effort to bring you back home to your heart, dwelling at Rustic Chic.  And so with that in mind, here’s a different kind of bridle (bridal) that one usually thinks of when discussing Rustic Chic.  I call her “Cold Feet (The Runaway Bride)”.

“Cold Feet (The Runaway Bride)” by Joel Woodard



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3 responses to “Sometimes You Have to Dream Outside Your World . . .

  1. Love this sketch! What a beautiful bride!

  2. Janis Paris Sides


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