The Rustic Chic Daylily

You know summer is on your doorstep when you see banks and banks of orange daylilies flanking a country road.  Daylilies pretty much do what their name implies.  The flower opens up, burns brightly for a single day and then it’s gone, only to be replaced by another flower the next day.  Daylilies self-propogate and thrive on neglect.  Just plant a few and watch them spread like wildfire. 

I snapped these prolific and lush daylilies yesterday afternoon down a gravel road here.  They were putting on such a show of Rustic Chic that I just had to share them.

Photos by Joel Woodard


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One response to “The Rustic Chic Daylily

  1. Janis

    Daylilies are beautiful! Makes me want to take a stroll down that road and admire them!

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