Star of Bethlehem

This is the time of year for enjoying and bringing plants and flowers of all varieties into the home.  And one of my favorite plants to enjoy indoors is the hardy Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum).  With its gentle scent and profuse flowers, Star of Bethlehem is lush and most Rustic Chic especially when massed together in a large quantity as I have done here in this antique galvanized tub.  Star of Bethlehem also works well as cut flowers but as a potted plant, they prefer moist, but not soggy soil and can tolerate brief periods of drought which is perfect for those times you forget to water the indoor plants.  They also prefer slightly shaded full sun or bright indoor light.  Try the Star of Bethlehem in your Rustic Chic home.  (Note:  if you have indoor pets, be sure to check with your vet and nursery supplier to ensure the plants and flowers you are bringing into your home are not harmful to your pets.)

Photos by Joel Woodard

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