Olives and Roses

One of the perqs of being on a photoshoot are the leftover flowers and plants that need a second life and so earlier this week I brought home two dwarf olive topiaries and a bunch of the palest, icy pink roses.  I placed the roses in an antique beaker and put them in a rattan tray along with the topiaries by a kitchen window so they could get some sun.  And with the soft breeze of an early Saturday morning coupled with the gentle light struggling to break free from hazy skies, this scene was so peaceful I just had to snap it.  Olives and roses might be an unorthodox combination but to me it’s early morning Rustic Chic.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Olives and Roses

  1. The topiaries are lovely. Do you happen to know where they were purchased?

    • They came from a flower market near Dover, NJ called Morris County Farms (www.morriscountyfarms.com). They are dwarf olive trees and do not bear fruit. It is possible that MCF got them from the well-known supplier Monrovia, but I am not positive of that. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. J

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