Urn-estly Rustic Chic

I recently wrote a post entitled “Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!” where I talked about visiting a local furniture refinishing shop owned by someone who has not the slightest compunction or self-reproach about breaking out the sandblaster and turning it on a customer’s piece that refuses to cooperate.  In the case of that earlier post, the subjects were a pair of handsome turn-of-the-last-century carved carousel horses. 

Enter me (again).  I had purchased four fluted cast iron urns that I wanted to have stripped and I knew he would be able to remove every last vestigate of caked and cracked paint from them to reveal their soft, naturally pewter color.  Normally I like to see the age and rust on outdoor ornaments, but these were in such bad shape that stripping them was the only thing that made sense and sandblasting would make quick work of them.  I may have felt a tinge of remorse at removing their finish but, as you will see from the before and after pics, the results are urn-estly Rustic Chic.

Photos by Joel Woodard



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