Feather Your Nest

Every Rustic Chic room needs a touch of humor, something with a lighthearted, unexpected twist.  For the bedroom I designed for the Mansion in May showhouse, which closed on Monday, I stacked books on top of a painted Louis XVI bench and then capped them off with these cachepots sprouting guinea fowl (also known as guinea hen) feathers. 

I found the empty bisque cachepots at Bunny Williams’ terrific shop on Lexington Avenue, Treillage (www.treillage.com).  They are creamy white with dramatic swirls of taupe and grey and the colors were perfect against the charcoal walls in the room.  And as much as I loved them empty, I felt they needed something other than flowers or plants. 

Luckily, just down the street from Bunny’s shop is the amazing Lexington Gardens which specializes in all manner of beautiful indoor garden plants, arrangements and ornaments.  I popped in to see if they might have anything that would be amusing and voila!  Fun guinea hen feathers that made me smile as they brimmed over the sides of Bunny’s cachepots.  

Had I been wearing a cap at the time I would’ve called it macaroni, but since I wasn’t I just called it Rustic Chic!


All photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Feather Your Nest

  1. I really loved your room this year Joel.

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