Wizard of Vase or . . . Rustic Chic Color Studies in Chartreuse and Pale Grey

I’m not big on strident, vibrating color.  But I do like unusual color combinations and pop so I got to thinking how my collection of chartreuse vases from the 50s would look with some of the pale grey painted Swedish furniture I have in the shop.  I used to collect the pottery in specific soft shades of green-grey but they have been packed away for a long time . . . until now.  I stopped and picked up a bunch of hydrangea for some of them, but otherwise the wildflowers (heck, even weeds) I plucked from side of the road worked just as beautifully.  A small branch from a dogwood tree provided another shade of the palest chartreuse in a simple tripod vase and a wonderfully moody painting by Maureen Chatfield completed the color studies.  (Note:  the title of this post only works if you pronounce “vase” as “vaah-zuh”.  So go back and start over.)

All photos by Joel Woodard



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2 responses to “Wizard of Vase or . . . Rustic Chic Color Studies in Chartreuse and Pale Grey

  1. This is a fantastic blog you have here. I visit here every week. I have already subscribed to your rss feed to help me stay update with your publication. Are you on twitter so that I can follow you?

    • Thank you. I have a Twitter acct but usually only use it to post the blog there as well. I just don’t have a lot of time to Tweet! But thanks for subscribing. I really appreciate it. J

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